Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be a Blessing.....

During 2010, the founder of The Angel Company, challenged us to be a blessing to others. I have to admit that while going to school full-time while working full-time, I didn't feel like being a blessing let alone finding time to be a blessing. However, I am no longer in school and my mind drifts back to some of the things she said about being a blessing.

Now Mischelle (aka founder) has brought attention to making a dream board. A dream board is a collage or pictures of things we want to accomplish in 2011. This made me think of things I want to accomplish in 2011. I mean, I really hadn't given it much thought.

So tomorrow night, I will be working on my dream board. I know it will include being a blessing to others while showing them how they can be a blessing without it costing them an arm and a leg! :) It will also include holding one TAC funshop each month, Once I finish it - I will take a picture and post on here!

In the meantime - Enjoy these recipe cards that I made for a swap!

Unitl next time!

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  1. Your recipe cards are all great! The recipes sound good too. I love the gingham on that top card!